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Janet Roberts

Multiple-Choice Pop-Ups and Drop-Downs
By Janet Roberts

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Ezine-Tips reader "Carman" is looking for an application that lets you create a "combination drop down box (ASP) that contained check boxes inside it. Used for multiple selections. Looked everywhere, can't find it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated."

I'm guessing Carman is looking for a script that creates a pop-up form that lets subscribers check more than one choice. I have seen ColdFusion forms; you can see a sample here.

Some co-registration services use a multiple-choice pop-up box, such as SubscriberDrive.

Although it's not quite what Carman was asking about, I also found an intriguing script for a multiple-subscriber form developed by Web designer (and Ezine-Tips reader) Ravi Jayagopal.

He calls it the Yahoo-Topica Subscriber but says it works for any third-party list host that permits subscription by email. You can take a test drive for free; it costs $9.95 to install. I'll write more about this script in a future Ezine-Tip.

I know there must be other scripts out there, whether it's one you wrote yourself or an open-source or proprietary one. Send them in!

Ezine-Tips for September 16, 2002

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