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Brian Alt

Ezine Content Idea: Reader Feedback, Part I
By Brian Alt

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Feedback from your ezine's subscribers is a very valuable thing. Criticism can help you improve your ezine, and questions may give you ideas for future articles. Cultivating a good feedback loop between you and your readers is a smart thing to do.

But how can you turn this into content?

Rather than just using ideas generated in reader feedback for article ideas, print questions or comments by your readers, then respond to them. Either ask their permission to print their words, or set up an alias like and include the stipulation that you reserve the right to print anything sent to that address. (Actually, it's probably a good idea to ask their permission anyway.)

Not only does this give your ezine an "interactive" spin, it also encourages your readers to send more feedback, knowing that their name or URL (a nice incentive) might be printed in your ezine.

Some of the best ezines I've seen that incorporate this idea are like a hybrid of a newsletter and digested discussion list. More on this idea next time.

Ezine-Tips for June 18, 1999

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