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Janet Roberts

Zoomerang: A Free Survey Resource
By Janet Roberts

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Here's a free way to survey your subscribers to see how you're doing: Zoomerang, the online-survey company, offers a free version of its paid service.

This is a good deal for publishers, even if you have a large list. Just pull up your database, select some names at random and send an email request to those names, asking them to answer questions at your survey site. Zoomerang will analyze the first 50 responses.

It's a free service, so you're not going to get all the features of Zoomerang's zPro surveys, including personalization and analysis. And, you might be wondering if you can get a valid response from such a small sample.

Quick answer: No, this will not be a definitive survey. But, it can give you a snapshot of reader perceptions and opinions. Also, a random sample can yield more valid results than if you post a general call for comment in your newsletter. That's because those respondents may have biases or motivations for answering that your general readership might not share. (I knew that statisical-research class I suffered through in grad school would come in handy some day.)

Zoomerang, owned by market research firm, apparently doesn't limit the number of surveys you do, so you could build your response by offering the same survey to different subsets of addresses. However, the system retains the response data for only 10 days, so you'll need to capture it quickly.

The survey-creation process is easy to do, with Zoomerang providing tips and advice even to free users.

You must register for a basic membership at the Zoomerang site - just email, name and password - in order to be able to use the free service. Once you're in, you design your survey from a set of templates, including a media/publishing one, with up to 20 questions. You get some analysis capability, and the system saves your data for 10 days.

Check it out: To get the details on sending free surveys, click on "Register Here."

Ezine-Tips for December 19, 2001

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