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AOL Users Are Defecting To Yahoo, Roadrunner/Comcast

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Did you catch that AOL lost a million subscribers last quarter? Want to know where they went?

Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, offers some insight thanks to his colleague Iffat Ahmed and their ECOA (Email Change of Address) service stats:

" from well over 1 million consumers each quarter), AOL users defected as follows:

To Yahoo! -- 42.5%
To broadband providers in aggregate (cable, etc.)-- 23.5%
To Hotmail/MSN -- 19.5%
To Gmail -- 2.7%"

Wow, eh? Yahoo's receiving the spoils...

I imagine that the 23.5% that defected to broadband providers most likely went to Comcast & TimeWarner’s RoadRunner service.

My only guess as to why Gmail's adoption isn't as high could be from the fact that Gmail is often thought of as an early adopter's tool vs. something friendly to the consumer masses.

Here's a chart from Matt's data:

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