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  Ezine-Tips Drops 2.7 Million Members

Print | Email This | Bookmark | Subscribe, a leading provider of opt-in email marketing solutions, announced Wednesday it has eliminated 2.7 million members from its network. The members came from a number of publishing partners developed over the last year. has grown more than 12 million in subscriber members through publishing partners since February of this year. With the addition of offering both opt-in newsletter and direct email marketing, it has tripled its sales staff in that time.

"Over the last month we have reviewed our network and discovered to maintain high response rates we needed to make some changes," said Clint Symons, the company's director of media relations. "Eliminating the 2.7 million members was simply a service to our advertisers. Although I may be unpopular with some in the publishing industry, they need to understand that this is a business. If we need to eliminate 10 million to maintain good response with our advertisers, we will."

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