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24/7 Media Announces Transition Of Its 24/7 Network

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24/7 Media, Inc., one of the largest global interactive marketing and technology companies, announced that the transition of the 24/7 Network to its new ad serving system called 24/7 Connect for Networks is in its final stages.

More than 96 percent of the U.S. Web sites on the 24/7 Network have transitioned to 24/7 Connect, serving more than 135 million impressions per day. Performance benchmarks for the system have been outstanding. System up-time has exceeded 99.8 percent, latency performance has been among the best of any online ad server, and there have been no scalability issues. A number of high-traffic Web sites in the 24/7 Network elected not to transition to 24/7 Connect until after the second quarter to remain focused on achieving second quarter revenue targets. 24/7 Media is currently working actively with these Web sites to complete the transition to 24/7 Connect for Networks.

"We are realizing the benefits of the investment we made to build a next-generation ad serving system. 24/7 Connect's performance has been outstanding," said David J. Moore, CEO of 24/7 Media. "Due to high volume sponsorships and ad campaigns in place in June for our major Web site clients, we honored their requests to transition to Connect in early Q3, which is underway."

For more information about 24/7 Media, Inc., visit the Web Site.