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  Ezine-Tips Increases By 50 Percent, Reaches 21 Million Members

Print | Email This | Bookmark | Subscribe, The Email List Owner and Ezine Publisher Resource Network, announced Wednesday that its Email Newsletter Ad Network's membership total has exceeded 21 million opt-in subscribers. These subscribers are part of nearly 700 email newsletters owned by more than 200 email publishers who have made their advertising inventory available to advertising clients.

The Ad Network, the email newsletter advertising segment of, is designed to provide a comprehensive source of targeted email advertising to Internet marketers as well as an outsourced ad sales service for email publishers.

"In addition to growing our network by fifty percent over the last few weeks, we have eliminated over five million members that we found to be of low quality in terms of advertiser response," said Christopher Knight, CEO of "These two factors combined will allow our advertising clients to reach a larger and more responsive audience of opt-in email newsletter subscribers."

The Ad Network aggregates email publications in non-exclusive representation that can add additional ad sales revenue for email publishers while providing an easy way for advertisers to market via email newsletters, without having to contact hundreds of individual email publishers.

For more information on the Ad Network, visit the Web Site.