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24/7 Media Implements Closed-Loop Policy

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24/7 Media Inc., one of the largest global interactive marketing and technology companies, announced its intention to implement a Closed-Loop-mail subscription process that confirms the validity of new subscriber sign-ups to protect consumer privacy and forestall accidental or malicious email sign-ups.

24/7 Media's new Closed-Loop process, also known as "double opt-in," requires that an email message be sent to the new subscriber, asking him or her to confirm a new email subscription under the given email address. The subscriber must affirmatively reply to the confirming email for subscription to begin. 24/7 Media is requiring all new service bureau clients to agree to implement Closed-Loop and is working with existing service bureau clients to implement Closed Loop over the next few months.

"For customers, the Closed-Loop sign-up is a quick and easy process that protects against unwanted emails and other infringements to privacy," said Michael Rowsom, general manager of 24/7 Mail. "For our clients sending email, Closed-Loop is a well-respected business practice and way for email campaigns to become even more effective -- you're certain that the people you are reaching are interested in your product."

24/7 Media is taking a leadership role among email service bureaus to ensure the integrity of email marketing. By implementing cutting-edge best practices and self-regulating privacy practices, online and email marketing firms cannot only protect the industry but enhance the experience of online consumers by providing them with relevant, targeted and requested information at Internet speed.

The Closed-Loop requirement currently applies only to 24/7 Media's email service bureau, or email distribution, customers.

For more information about 24/7 Media Inc., visit the Web Site.