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Digital Impact's Email Exchange Network Now Reaches More Than 17 Million Consumers

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Digital Impact, a leading Internet direct marketing company that brings science to eMarketing, announces that its 43 clients now have access to more than 17 million online consumers through the company's Email Exchange Network (EMX). This represents a more than 600 percent expansion in reach over the past 10 weeks.

A highly effective cooperative marketing solution, the EMX Network gives each partner the opportunity to increase their brand exposure and grow their lists while keeping costs down and maintaining consumers' permission throughout the process. Companies partner to send co-branded, theme-based emails. Designed to captivate consumers with a compelling umbrella theme, the emails contain offers from each participant. For example, the Network successfully matched with, and for a recent Mother's Day promotion that featured special offers from the three e-commerce sites.

Participation in the EMX Network offers significantly lower customer acquisition costs compared with other online acquisition methods. A recent graduation-themed campaign generated high-quality leads for EMX partner with a cost per consumer response of less than one dollar, under a third the cost of acquisition methods such as banner ads and rental email lists.

"The quality of the consumer list we obtained from the Email Exchange Network exceeded all our expectations based upon past online direct campaigns we have conducted," said Laura Erskine, director of affinity and member services of "Digital Impact's customer acquisition tools have made co-marketing an easy and productive way to attract the most appropriate customers within our target market."

In follow-up communications with their newly acquired customers, EMX Network members also take full advantage of Digital Impact's Mass Personalization Engine (MPE) and Adaptive Intelligent Marketing (AIM) Methodology. MPE technology allows full assembly, delivery and analysis of millions of messages uniquely constructed around the interests of individual customers, while the AIM methodology optimizes marketing methods with each successive campaign. Together, the dynamic message assembly of MPE and optimized marketing methodology of AIM support truly relevant messages to maximize the value of online customers.

For more information about Digital Impact's Email Exchange Network, visit the Web Site.