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LifeMinders, LetsPlay Announce Partnership

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LifeMinders, Inc., a leading Web and wireless direct marketing infrastructure company, announced Tuesday a partnership with LetsPlay, a leading provider of game-based viral marketing tools, to make interactive games available to LifeMinders' more than 17 million members. This powerful collaboration was launched with the goal of augmenting LifeMinders' member acquisition program through cost-effective viral marketing while offering members a fun and unique way to communicate.

Through this partnership, the enhanced "LifeMinders Today" email offering, which currently has more than six million subscribers, will contain a game card that allows recipients to engage their friends and family members in interactive email game play. The membership expansion opportunities provided by this partnership are extensive. Each time a non-LifeMinders member receives a game email from his or her opponent, they will sign-up to become a LifeMinders member.

"The partnership with LetsPlay offers our members the opportunity to connect to friends and family in an innovative way through email, which advances our mission of providing personalized offerings that enhance our members' lives," said Stephen R. Chapin, Jr., chairman, CEO and founder of LifeMinders, Inc. "Our testing to date has demonstrated a strong interest in this type of interactive, entertaining, and highly-personalized feature and we have found an ideal offering from LetsPlay that will fulfill that demand."

Checkers, "Tee-Time" Trivia(TM), 4-in-a-Row, Reversi, and Battle Fleets are among the games available on each gamecard. To begin a game, the LifeMinders subscriber selects a game and emails an opponent with a "challenge." When the opponent opens the email, a game board appears with the challenger's move included. In addition, the games do not play in real time, which allows players to participate at their convenience.

For more information about LifeMinders, Inc., visit the Web Site.

For more information about LetsPlay, visit .