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Topica to Provide Email Services to IDG

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Topica, Inc., an independent email-newsletter hosting and delivery service headquartered in San Francisco, California, has agreed to distribute electronic newsletters for International Data Group (IDG), a leading IT media and information-services company headquartered in Boston, Massachussetts.

Additionally, Topica announced it has launched Email Publisher, a new service designed to serve electronic publishers. Clients will enjoy more "hands-on control" creating, managing and serving ads from a single system interface. Customers of Topica Email Publisher can acquire subscribers economically by offering their newsletters and publications to the 12 million subscribers who read the newsletters delivered through Topica Exchange.

"Media companies' email needs are different from those of marketers," said Topica CEO Anna Zornosa. "As we reviewed email products available on the market, we saw a real void. No company offered a solution tailored to the frequent and high-volume mailings that are the hallmark of media companies. Our experience with our other corporate customers, such as IBM DeveloperWorks, and with the millions of subscriptions served through Topica Exchange, proved to us that Topica's solutions fit the bill."

"As IDG delivers over 80 million electronic newsletters globally each month, we are pleased to offer our business units a flexible electronic distribution platform through our agreement with Topica," said Erin Wayman, IDG Communications' vice president of global ad operations and business development.

For more information about IDG, visit the Web Site.

For more information about Topica, visit the Web Site.