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Study: Spammers Ignoring CAN-SPAM Rules

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BOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Two weeks after a new federal law regulating commercial email went into effect, most junk email doesn't meet the law's basic requirements, according to a new study from Audiotrieve, which makes InBoxer anti-spam filter software.

The company said Monday it found only 10 percent of the 1,000 email messages it collected from email accounts designed to trap spam included an email address, relevant subject line, physical address and unsubscribe information, all of which the new CAN-SPAM law requires. It did not try to verify whether the addresses were correct or the unsubscribe functions worked, however.

All of the other email messages lacked physical or street addresses, Audiotrieve said. About one-third included unsubscribe information. Email messages that did have contact addresses appeared to come mainly from southern Florida and southern California in the United States and Vancouver, B.C., Bermuda, and the West Indies.

For more on Audiotrieve, which designs systems to sort, index and retrieve information, including InBoxer, a paid anti-spam service, see the Web Site.