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Telecoms, ISPs Team to Fight Spam

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An international group of telecommunications companies, ISPs and software companies has formed a cooperative group to keep junk email out of their networks.

The new group will work on what a statement called "cross-operator communications, best practices and technology" to combat spam and viruses at the network level.

Rich Wong, general manager for OpenWave Systems, a leading member of the new coalition, told the new group is "a worldwide, real-time neighborhood watch" in which members will share information with each other on national or international spammers and notify each other before banning IP addresses of suspected spammers.

"Spammers are united, sharing ideas and technology. We need to do the same thing: to unite and aggressively raise the bar in our opposition," Nick Jacobs, director of data services at NII Holdings, Inc., said in a group statement. "Together we have the opportunity to effect change and we will make a far greater impact as a group than we ever could individually."

Members include OpenWave Systems, Abranet, Adelphia, Bell Canada, BellSouth, Cox, Internet Initiative Japan, IIJ America, NII Holdings, NTL, TELUS and nine other telecoms and ISPs, with 80 million subscribers and 40 million email accounts.

For more on the new group, read the announcement at the OpenWave Web Site.