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Brightmail Launches Reputation Service

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Brightmail, an anti-spam service provider, on Monday launched its new Reputation Service, which separates junk from legitimate email messages based on their sources.

The company said it would track information from its own Probe Network of decoy email addresses and from about 300 million software users to create profiles of email senders based on their email volume, spam volume and vulnerabilities such as open relays or open proxies, which spammers can exploit. Clients can use the information to decide whether to accept or reject email.

The Brightmail offering goes beyond the other source-identification services proposed recently, Brightmail President/CEO Enrique Salem said.

"Email authentication without a reputation check is like letting a person into your house when all you know is his name. Only the combination of proven anti-spam filtering methods with a trusted reputation system can help reduce spam, minimize false positives and restore confidence in email."

For more on Brightmail, visit the company Web Site.