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FTC Launches 'Secure Your Server' Campaign

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WASHINGTON -- The Federal Trade Commission and 36 agencies in 26 other countries are urging organizations to close open relays and proxies, which spammers can use to send junk email while cloaking their identities.

As part of "Operation Secure Your Server," the FTC and its global partner agencies are sending letters, translated into 20 languages, to owners and operators of computer servers identified as open-relay or open-proxy servers, warning about the dangers and urging them to protect themselves.

The FTC also set up a Web Site, with more information, including a link to instructions for closing an open relay or proxy.

The FTC announcement is the third major email-focused U.S. initiative this week. On Wednesday, it proposed adding a mandatory label for commercial email with adult content as part of its enforcement of the new federal law regulating email.

Also, the Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Readiness Team also launched an email-alert system warning users about computer security threats, such as the expanding MyDoom worm.

To learn more about the alerts, customized either for technical professionals or consumers, visit the Web Site.